The Magic of e-Learning Courses

March 24, 2020

You might think that we are exaggerating a little bit to have a title like, The Magic of e-Learning Courses on our WHS article this week. But we are impressed at the amount of learning and development that can occur in a short period of time in an e-learning course and the benefits that it brings to the participant and the workplace.


The magic arrives (we think), because our e-learning courses have features such as:


  • custom built illustrations and engaging activities to reinforce course content

  • professionally recorded audio with on/off/ mute facility

  • automatic book-marking of where you left off

  • regular competency assessments throughout the course with opportunity to review missed answers and retest

  • regular reviews and updates of course content against national legislation and industry best practice

  • courses are scripted by instructional designers in partnership with content experts

  • refresher course versions are available that test the learner and then tailors the course content to what the learner needs to be refreshed on

  • course certificate available on satisfactory course completion.


Now may be a particularly good time to provide e-learning to your staff. The coronavirus COVID19 has caused quite a dislocation in the usual operations of all workplaces and your usual learning and development activities. You may have a good number of your staff working from home and if not, then those in the workplace are endeavouring to maintain the recommended working distance from other persons.


We normally say that e-learning courses are particularly suitable at times when you need to;


  • Motivate or re-motivate staff

  • Refresh prior learning or experience

  • Raise awareness

  • Improve compliance rates

  • Complement or reinforce your in-house information and training program

  • Train staff flexibly and conveniently on a as-needed basis.


The broad category of e-learning courses with numerous specific courses that we have available that could be valuable in your workplace includes;


       Bullying in the Workplace

       Conflict Resolution

       Driver safety

       Drugs and Alcohol

       Duty of Care

       General Evacuation Training

       Hazard Guides

       Hazardous Chemicals Injury Management

       Legislation Fundamentals

       Manual Handling

       Office Ergonomics

       Other Categories

       WHS Risk Management


You can find information on specific e-learning courses on our website HERE



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