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Changes in Two Important WHS Codes of Practice Updated by SafeWork NSW

You may have been wondering what changes were made in the 23 updated WHS Codes of Practice that SafeWork NSW released on the 30th of August. We have not had the time to check all 23 Codes to see what is different but we did manage to check 2 of the most important Codes, the;

  • Consultation, Co-ordination, and Co-operation Code of Practice, and

  • How to Manage Work Health & Safety Risks Code of Practice. 

The major changes we found are set out below. SafeWork NSW is encouraging all businesses and employers to review the updated Codes to stay up to date with current best practice. Same or Similar Changes Both of these codes have changes that are the same or similar. These are:

  • a new two-page Glossary of WHS words

  • an Amendment notice that the amendments include those that were made in 2017 as part of a technical and usability review of the model Code

  • a new improved presentation and layout of text, images, and diagrams that improves readability and digestion of the content of the Code.

Specific Changes to the How to Manage WHS Risks Code

  • Figure 1 the risk management process, has the same data but the design of the diagram has been amended slightly – see page 8

  • The table of Examples of Common Hazards now has 3 columns instead of 2 - the data is the same but it is easier to absorb the data – see page 11 

  • The visual presentation of Figure 2 the hierarchy of control measures, has been amended but the data has not been changed – see page 19

  • A new heading and paragraph of text on Maintenance, has been added to the Code – see page 22

  • A new sentence has been added that indicates where more information can be found about Plant – see page 23

  • There are now 3 examples of the risk management process instead of just 2 examples – see Example 3 on page 34.

  • This updated Code now has 40 pages instead of the 30 pages in the previous Code primarily because the updated Code has been given more space for the layout of the content. 

Specific Changes to the Consultation, Cooperation & Coordination Code

  • New content about WHS Act section 54, failure of negotiations has been added - see page 20

  • Appendix D – Consultation checklist, is now spaced in a manner that makes it easier to use as a checklist – see page 37

  • New content on consultation requirements have been added as, Appendix E – Consultation Requirements in the WHS Regulation – see page 39

  • This updated Code now has 42 pages instead of the 27 pages in the previous Code because of additional content and more space given to layout of the content. 

You can access all the updated Codes on Safework NSW’s website by copy/pasting into your browser

10th September 2019


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