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Courtenell’s Public 1-day Effective Health and Safety Committee Courses

The content below was sent out as an email to our database on the 27th of November 2018.

I am writing to let you know that in the January to June 2019 period we will be delivering a public 1-day Effective Health and Safety Committee Course instead of delivering our 3 day public Course. The background and our reasons for this change to a new public course are set out in the last paragraphs of this email.

We do want to be sure that our public 1-day course deserves the name of “Effective”. People who are learning something new need time to become aware of, then familiar with, and practised with applying new information and skills to their workplace.

So we are supporting the impact of the 1-day course with two bonuses for each attendee. Each attendee will be given:

  • Courtenell’s 115 page Health and Safety Committee Resource Manual – it is an easy to read and comprehensive reference source for attendees covering the “what, why and how” of WHS activities and functions that a Committee member might be involved in including any interactions with HSRs. These functions and activities can vary depending upon the industry or workplace but our Resource Manual is designed to be a very useful resource for any Committee member who attends our 1-day Committee Course.

  • Free after course support for 6 months for each attendee by phone or email - an attendee can ask questions and seek guidance and references about anything in the Resource Manual that will help them raise their understanding and ability to be an effective Committee member.

Check the public course dates and the aims and objectives of the new public 1-day Committee course on our website HERE

We have delivered a public a 3-day Effective Health and Safety Committee Course since the WHS Act came into force in 2012. It’s a course that we are proud of and we believe it has lived up to its name – “Effective”.

However the expectations of many employers for a WHS Committee course has changed since 2012. We believe that is driven in part by the increase in the number of workplaces that have a WHS Committee and also have HSRs. So the demand for a public Committee course is more towards a 1-day course.

For onsite delivery there is no change. We will continue to deliver a 1-day, a 2-day, or a 3-day Health and Safety Committee Course. It is simply a matter of which one is best suited for the client’s needs and an onsite course is always specifically focussed on the needs in the client’s workplace.

If you have any questions or would like to know more then please phone Kevin Gaskell, Sarah Robson, or Heather Malcolm on 02 9552 2066

29th November 2018


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