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DYS Issue 64 - November 2018


Free WHS Videos for Information and Training

This Did You See issue covers and recommends 3 short, informative and free videos that could be useful to help provide WHS information, training, or revision of prior training to HSRs, Committee Members, Supervisors and Managers, and other workers. The titles are:

  • Hierarchy of Risk Controls

  • Safe Use of Portable Ladders

  • Training & Supervision

Slips, trips and falls, are used as examples in the videos but the content can be applied to any workplace. Elimination or minimisation of the risk of slips, trips, and falls are important as they are the second leading cause of injuries in Australia. Falling from a height is the most serious injury. Surprisingly, around 50% of fatalities from a fall involved falling from a height of only 3 metres or less. These videos will tick a number of boxes for viewers because they are:

  • brief,

  • focused on points of relevant key WHS data,

  • easy to understand,

  • can be useful in tool box meetings,

  • can help to enhance and improve the awareness and competence of HSRs, Committee Members, Supervisors and Managers, and other workers.

The videos are part of a set of 4 freely viewable videos on the SafeWork SA website. A brief summary of the content and time duration of each video is set out below. You can see these videos HERE Video 2 - Hierarchy of Risk Controls – 2:32 mins This video covers how the hierarchy is arranged and provides examples of applying each level of the hierarchy in the workplace in order to manage the risk of a hazard. Video 3: Safe Use of Portable Ladders – 3:08 mins This video provides practical tips and guidance on how use a portable ladder in a safe manner in your workplace. This information can also be very useful for any employee who needs to use a ladder at home. For more information see Courtenell’s article, Ladder Safety at Work & at Home HERE Video 4 – Training & Supervision 1:00 mins This video takes up the responsibilities of Supervisors with an example of the training and supervision they must apply in their workplace to ensure that Workers are following safe work practices and avoiding hazards in their workplace. for more information see Courtenell’s articles, The Focus of WHS Training for Supervisors HERE and A WHS Risks Check HERE.



This publication provides general information about WHS. It is not a legal opinion and does not represent a comprehensive statement of the law to be applied to a particular problem.

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