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YSM 136 - A WHS Risks Check

Here is a list that could help workers such as HSRs, Committee members, Managers and Supervisors, to identify WHS matters in their area of the workplace that may need attention. Every organisation wants to manage workplace health and safety risks. It’s the key area of work health and safety.

You may like to score each item out of 10. Check your facts and if there is a real situation make a report or take any other action required by the work health and safety system in your workplace.

______ Our workplace is regularly inspected and hazards identified.

(WHS Act Section 17 to 19, WHS Regulation 34)

______ All WHS risks have been assessed. (WHS Act Section 18)

______ WHS risks have been eliminated or are controlled so far as reasonably practicable. (WHS Regulation 35 to 38)

______ Workers and others are informed, instructed, trained, and supervised about WHS risks that could affect them. (WHS Act Section 19 (3)(f))

______ Workers and others carry out safe work procedures and apply risk controls where required. (WHS Act Section 28, 29)

______ The effectiveness of our risk controls are monitored and reviewed regularly. (WHS Regulation 37, 38)

______ Workers who are in risk affected areas are consulted in all the above actions. (WHS Act Sections 46 to 49)


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