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DYS Issue 58 - January 2018

$150,000 Fine for not Training a Worker

This prosecution is an example of what may happen when a PCBU does not ensure that all workers are trained to do their work safely (section 19 (3)(f) WHS Act).

In this case the company was fined $150,000 and the injured worker was in hospital for 10 days, went through weeks of rehabilitation and now has a leg with a metal plate in it. Copy/paste this link to see more details on SafeWork NSW’s website:

Empowering Staff to be Safety Leaders

Comdaine Infrastructure won the Workplace Reward in Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work month in 2017 with a very effective initiative that empowered and involved everyone in their workplace. And their simple initiative “delivered with passion and genuine care” would have boosted their compliance with section 19 Primary Duty of Care. If you would like to consider running the same or similar initiative in you workplace then you can find helpful details of how it was done on Safe Work Australia’s website; HERE and HERE .

SafeWork NSW Released a Consultation @ Work Toolkit

In early January 2018 Safework NSW released a Consultation Toolkit

aimed at helping NSW businesses to achieve effective consultation. It includes tips such as beginning conversations to help identify WHS hazards and risks; find practical solutions and how to communicate those solutions within their organisation. If you would like to see the toolkit then copy/paste this link to SafeWork NSW’s website:

New Guide on Working in the Heat from Safe Work Aust

Safe Work Australia’s news release tells us that; “The guide provides practical guidance on how to manage the risks associated with working in heat, and information on what to do if a worker begins to suffer from a heat-related illness.”

It “covers a range of tactics for managing heat in the workplace, as well as information on recognising and treating the most common forms of heat-related illness.”

You can download a copy from the website of Safe Work Australia HERE


This publication provides general information about WHS. It is not a legal opinion and does not represent a comprehensive statement of the law to be applied to a particular problem.

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