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Should Your Managers & Supervisors do WHS Consultation Training

We recently received a success story from the manager of a company who attended one of our SafeWork NSW Initial 5-day HSR courses. The gains that the manager had by doing this course inspired us to summarise his success in bullet point format and pass it on to others (with his consent).

And it motivated us to include relevant links to materials about WHS consultation and managers and supervisors that you may want to consider.

What the Manager said:

- He enjoyed the HSR course and it had "changed him as a person".

- He realized that he was a "bad communicator" and that is something he can work on.

- The course content addressing 2 way communication is important to be able to make the consultation process happen and to resolve issues. In his industry there is a lot of complaining and whinging and nothing gets resolved.

- The course gave him a better idea of how to correctly prioritize things to be dealt with.

- Money and time spent on issues that are "low" priority is wasteful. Therefore prioritizing correctly and then acting accordingly has financial and productivity benefits.

- The course content helped him realise that behaviour shifting was essential in his work place and it also helped him to figure out how to do something about it.

- The course has given him the knowledge (including having the WHS Act on his side) to be able to change things.

- The HSR course has enabled him to "be part of the solution".

We hope this Manager’s feedback is useful food for thought for you and WHS in your workplace.

Should Managers do the HSR Course
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