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Your Strategy for Workplace Bullying Prevention

WorkCover Tasmania has recently released a draft Workplace Bullying Prevention Strategy for public consultation. The information in this draft strategy could be of interest and value to you even if you do not have a workplace in Tasmania.

You may like to compare the Tasmanian research findings and recommendations with what occurs in your workplace and the strategy in your workplace for preventing bullying.

Tasmanian Workplace Bullying Research

WorkCover Tasmania commissioned an independent market research company to conduct research into bullying in Tasmanian workplaces and its key findings included:

  • 4.7% of respondents reported that they had been bullied in the 6 months prior to the survey

  • 44.47% of respondents who had been bullied in the previous 6 months identified someone in a ‘direct supervisor’ position as the perpetrator of the bullying

  • 68.1% of those who reported being bullied were women

  • 10.4% had witnessed bullying in the 6 months prior to the survey

Under Reporting of Workplace Bullying

The research also indicated that under reporting of bullying was prevalent in all Tasmanian workplaces for reasons such as;

  • Workplace bullying is seen as part of the culture in some workplaces

  • Workers lack information and are not sure what bullying behaviour is

  • Some workers who see bullying are wary about reporting it because they fear they will suffer reprisal, or an adverse impact on their career, or fear they will be labeled a “dobber”

  • Many businesses do not have appropriate avenues or procedures in place for workers to report bullying

Guiding Principles

The WorkCover Tasmania Board has identified seven guiding principles that they consider “are essential to creating work environments and cultures that minimise the likelihood of bullying occurring and ensuring the issue is dealt with fairly, efficiently and appropriately when it does arise”.

Perhaps these 7 principles are already established in your workplace.

Principle 1

Everyone in a workplace should be treated fairly and with respect.

Principle 2

PCBUs should be proactive in meeting their duty of care to reduce the risk of unacceptable behaviours occurring in their workplace.

Principle 3

Workers should be aware of their duty of care not to bully others in the workplace.

Principle 4

Everyone in a workplace should have a clear understanding of what is and what it is not appropriate workplace behaviour.

Principle 5

Everyone in a workplace should have an understanding of the options available if they experience or witness unacceptable workplace behaviour.

Principle 6

Everyone in a workplace should feel that they are able to raise an issue of unacceptable workplace behaviour without fear of victimisation.

Principle 7

Where unacceptable behaviour does occur in a workplace, intervention should be timely, fair and appropriate.

You are welcome to download and distribute the article in your workplace if you feel it may be useful

Your Strategy for Workplace Bullying Pre
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