YSM 109 - Managing Workplace Health & Safety

June 9, 2014


Every organisation needs to manage workplace health and safety and work towards improving the results they achieve. Here is a list that might help you identify areas that may need attention in your workplace:


We have a WHS Policy that includes goals for WHS in our workplace:     YES____   NO____


We have programs and procedures that are actively used to achieve
our WHS goals:     YES____   NO____


We have an effective system of WHS consultation with employees:     YES____   NO____


We regularly check for hazards in our workplace:     YES____   NO____


All hazards in our workplace have been identified and assessed for risk:     YES____   NO____


All WHS risks have been eliminated or controlled:     YES____   NO____


Workers and others are trained, supervised, informed and instructed
about WHS risks:     YES____   NO____


We monitor and review the results of the above steps:     YES____   NO____


We do those things that are reasonably practicable to improve the
results of the above steps:     YES____   NO____





You are welcome to download and distribute the article in
your workplace if you feel it may be useful



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