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YSM 107 - Health & Safety Committee Members


Here is a list of suggestions for members of a Health and Safety Committee to help create an effective Committee and assist in the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses;

  • Do what you can to be appropriately trained so that you understand and can deal with the WHS needs and hazards in your area.

  • Work cooperatively with management to agree on procedures that enable you to communicate and consult when necessary with workers in the area of the workplace that you represent.

  • Consult with workers in your area to get their WHS concerns and suggestions so that you can raise these at the Committee meeting.

  • Do whatever you can to enable workers to have input on the development, implementation and evaluation of WHS policies and issues.

  • Be prepared for the WHS issues that will be raised at the Health and Safety Committee meeting. Participate constructively in the meeting and in Committee activities.

  • Listen and consider management’s point of view

  • Be willing and able to resolve WHS issues

  • Keep workers in your area informed about matters raised at Health and Safety Committee meetings, the decisions that were made, and progress on outstanding matters. Get their feedback about this.

You are welcome to download and distribute the article in your workplace if you feel it may be useful

YSM 0107 Health and Safety Committee Mem
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