Return to Work Coordinator Training

Return to Work Coordinator

An effective Return to Work Coordinator can assist a business in the following ways:

- coordinate and monitor the recovery of injured workers

- help workers get back to work as promptly and safely as possible

- help contain the cost to the business of workplace injuries

- help reduce the workers compensation premium

- retain rather than lose skilled workers after injury

What is Return to Work about?

Injury rehabilitation outcomes can be significantly influenced by how employers respond to and support injured workers.

By getting workers back into the workplace sooner their recoveries can be greatly assisted and this reduces the costs to a business. It also aids a business by not losing valuable knowledge and skill.

Legal Requirements

The Workers Compensation Act requires all employers to establish a Return to Work program, detailing the policy and procedures which will be followed to help an injured employee return to work.

Employers who have a Base Tariff Premium of more than $50,000 are required by law to employ or engage a person as their Return to Work Coordinator and that person is required to have completed SafeWork NSW approved Return to Work Coordinator Training.

Your Return to Work Coordinator can play a vital role in returning an injured employee to suitable employment as soon as is safely possible. This, in turn, will help you contain and manage the costs and impact of workplace injuries.

Available Return to Work Coordinator Training

Introduction to Return-to-Work Coordination Course The aim of this SafeWork NSW course is to develop the required knowledge and skills so participants can perform their role.

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