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Health and Safety Representative Course SafeWork NSW

Initial 5 Day Course

Why do this course?
Health and Safety Representatives play an important role in how a business consults with its workforce on matters of health and safety in the workplace. HSRs help the business meet its legal duties and responsibilities under WHS law. They are "the voice of the workers" and play a major role in contributing to the success of the WHS management system and helping ensure all persons in their consultation work groups follow the rules, protocols and safety measures of the WHS management system.
HSRs are entitled to attend this training under the WHS Regulation 2017 and a PCBU must provide the training if so requested by an HSR within 3 months of the request.
Course Aims


The aims of this course are to provide HSRs with information and skills relating to:


  • The Work Health and Safety Framework,

  • The role and functions of the Regulator

  • Legislative requirements of all persons whom have health and safety duties under WHS law

  • Consultation, Representation and Participation

  • The purpose and formation of consultation work groups within the workplace

  • Election process for HSRs / Deputy HSRs and disqualification provisions,

  • Representing workers as part of a health and safety committee (HSC),

  • The entitlements, rights and protections of an elected HSR/Deputy HSR,

  • Role of the HSR in Issue Resolution

  • Inspections, Notifiable Incidents and Incident Investigation

  • How HSRs can use their functions and powers to contribute to risk management activities in the workplace,

  • P.I.Ns and the right to cease, or direct the cessation of, unsafe work.

Who Should Do the Course?


Persons whom have been elected as HSRs to represent the members of work groups established for consultation purposes within your workplace, including Deputy HSRs. The course can also be accessed by other members of your organisation such as managers, and supervisors to assist them in understanding the legislative requirements relating to  PCBU consultation, workgroups and HSRs.

(Note: Although anyone can attend the training and obtain a certificate only current elected or “deemed” HSRs can exercise the power and functions assigned to HSRs whom have completed the training.) 



5 days  -  9am to 4.00pm



All trainers meet the qualification and experience requirements set out by SafeWork NSW for delivering this training.


Delivery Locations

Public courses are delivered in convenient locations around Sydney - Sydney CBD and Blacktown. (See dates below.)

This course is also available for delivery at your site or on line using Zooms or MS Teams.

What to bring on the day


Evidence of your identity (eg. Drivers License or Passport.) A completed ID Form, to be handed to the Trainer

This course was revised by SafeWork NSW at the end of 2022 and is the new course being delivered in 2023.

On Site HSR Training

Does your company have a group of staff needing initial HSR training? We can run this course for you at your site (maximum of 20 persons.)

This course can also be delivered on line using Zoom or MS Teams (maximum of 10 persons.)

Health and Safety Representative 5 Day Course - 2023
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