6 Basic Steps for Incident Response
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Take care of any injured or ill persons, see that they receive any needed First

Aid or  get them to a hospital or medical centre. Take  action to prevent any

one else from being injured  eg cordon off area  or erect  barriers, turn off

equipment and/or  disconnect power.

Notify WorkCover NSW and isolate and secure the area if the incident is one

that has to be  notified to Workcover NSW — notifiable incidents are deaths,

serious injuries/illnesses and dangerous incidents  (Sections 35-39 WHS

Act 2011). Do not disturb or re-enter the incident  site until directed by the

WorkCover Inspector that you may. For listing  of Regulators in States other

 than NSW and their phone numbers see below.

Notify all other relevant parties: emergency contact of any injured/ill  person,

relevant people within the organisation, emergency response  services

where needed (Fire, Police, etc.).

Communicate with workers about the actions taken to assist injured/ill

workers and to make the workplace safe. Consult with workers about  matters

that will affect their health and  safety. HSRs, H&S Committee Members or

the established workplace channels for WHS consultation  should be used

to aid this process.

Conduct an Investigation of the incident. This should be conducted  by persons

 trained to investigate  workplace incidents and should not focus on isolating

who to blame, but on consulting and identifying  control measures that can

 be put in place to prevent further injuries or illness. Seek legal advice and

aid of WHS experts as needed.

Implement the control measures identified in the Investigation and review these

at appropriate times to ensure they are effective in keeping the workplace safe

 and healthy.


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